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Press Kit

To download our press kit for the 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, go here

Bennett Bean Studio at Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2013

Bennett Bean Studio will be exhibiting our new collection of steel furniture at this year's Architectural Digest Show, which runs March 21-24. We're located in booth M24; please visit us!

New Directions in Metal

We here at Bennett Bean Studio are thrilled to let you know about a new collection that is in the works! We have been inspired by principle designer Bennett Bean's explorations in steel and are currently in the process of creating an entirely new body of work focusing on metal. We are still in the development stage, but stayed tuned to our FaceBook page and to this website for updates! It looks to be an exciting year!

Silk Reflections Series

This month with are featuring our Silk Reflections series. This beautiful collection uses the luminescent quality of fine silk to create shimmering rivers of pattern that flash and change as you move across the rug. This wonderful reflective quality of silk inspired these three designs - 12:00, 9:00 and 4:30. Visit our FaceBook page to learn more.

Sari Silk Rugs

This month with are featuring our Sari Silk series. This collection began during a trip to a market in Kathmandu. There we found skeins and skeins of recycled Indian Sari Silk. This yarn, spun from the unwoven leftover threads from a Sari, was enchanting because of it's texute and unexpected color changes. Using this yarn helped us create four designs - Tamarind, Anise, Cassia and Cumin. Visit our FaceBook page to learn more.

Painting Rugs

This month with are featuring our Painting Rugs. The 'Ancestor' series of paintings by Bennett Bean became the source for this unique collection of rugs. Fragmented imagery of the work results in two complex and innovative designs - Orange Slice and Maple Leaves. Visit our FaceBook page to learn more. We are also excited to announce that Bennett Bean Studio is profiled this month in LUXE magazine!

Love Series

This month with are featuring our 'Love Series.' This collection of Tibetan wool and silk twist rugs are our entertaining take on the ubiquitous floral rug. In this case, if a little floral is good, more is better! We created three designs - Red Love, Green Love and Orange Love. Check out our FaceBook page to get a more indepth look at how this series was created.

Toile Series

This month with are featuring our 'Toile Series.' A group of Tibetan wool rugs that are our reinterpretation of the classic Toile de Jouy fabric. This series began with a beach house in Nonquitt filled with blue and cream Chintz and Toile fabrics. Our task was to create a collection of related rugs that would fit with the design of home and also work together as whole. With these thoughts, we created five interrelated designs - Anemone, Dianthus, Lithodora, Salvia and Woad.

MAD Event

This past November, with the help of Susan Grant Lewin Associates and Franci Sagar of The Store at MAD, we created an installation at the Musuem of Arts and Design in New York. We used over 200 16"x16" boxes to create several interactive museum-style displays that each spoke to a different aspect of Bennett Bean Studio. It was a busy day and a fun night! To see more photos of this event, check out our FaceBook page.

the year of the hare

Pardon our absence, Bennett Bean Studio has been taking time to not only design new rugs, but also to focus on strengthening our business and to figure out what's next for us. With those thoughts in mind, we traveled to India in December and are currently exploring a new manufacturing process - hand-tufted rugs! If you visit our FaceBook page, you can see photos from the factories we visited and some of the sites we saw during our Indian adventure. There you will also be able to see a new feature article in the Sussex County Journal about Bennett Bean Studio. We were excited to have made the cover! This year is off to a great start and we a looking forward to a great Year of the Hare!

the (nearly complete) new site

The re-design is a product of our renewed focus in bringing you the best design. Visit our re-organized collections section to see the variety of our designs. We've also added a new section, custom+projects, which shows the made-to-order side of Bennett Bean Studio. We hope that these changes are helpful. As always, we'd love to hear from you, so please send us your questions or comments.

a fresh look

With a new year comes a new site. Explore! We hope you enjoy it.

the view from here

We just recently returned from our biannual trip to Nepal. It was very busy as well as very helpful. We met with our weaving partners and were able to see some of our upcoming design in progress.